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Customer Service is available Monday – Friday 9am-9pm EST,email: services@amovan.com.cn

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What does the Amovan Ring do?

The Amovan Ring currently monitors your heart rate in beats per minute (BPM), and blood oxygen saturation % (SPO2). Additionally, the smart ring empowers you to track your daily steps, calories, and skin temperature to analyze your health trends.

Does Amovan Ring App have a monthly fee/subscription?

The Amovan Ring app is completely free of cost for heart, exercise, sleep, and blood oxygen saturation monitoring. 

How do I download the Amovan Ring mobile app?

Search for Amovan on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Alternatively, scan the qr to download.

Can you shower with Amovan Ring?

Yes, the Amovan Ring is IPX8-rated, which means you can wear it while showering and swimming. As long as you don't expose it to a water level deeper than 3 meters, at which point water pressure will break its waterproofing integrity.