Coleção: The best smart ring health tracker for women&men

How are you feeling today? Amovan App is your wellness companion, empowering your wellness journey with 24/7 health tracking.

It offers valuable insights into your sleep, activity, and stress patterns, paving the way for proactive, continual health management around the clock.



Rich in features, highly advanced.
Monitor/track/touch control with just one finger.



Scientific sleep monitoring

The Halo Ring revolutionizes sleep monitoring by providing comprehensive and accurate insights into your sleep patterns.
Equipped with advanced sensors,this innovative ring discreetly tracks various sleep metrics throughout the night.


Full day blood oxygen saturation

The Halo ring is your essential companion for monitoring blood oxygen saturation throughout the day. Stay connected to your health with real-time insights and seamless tracking.


Full day heart rate monitoring

Experience full-day heart rate monitoring with our Smart Ring. Stay connected to your health and well-being with real-time insights and seamless tracking.


Well versed in healthy living

Unlock your potential with the Halo Ring's precise tracking.Experience advanced monitoring that recognizes and enhances every effort,propelling your fitness journey.Elevate your goals with the ultimate companion-the Halo Ring.


Touch function

Discover a whole new level of immersive entertainment with the Halo ring.Transform your taps into commands and control music,calls,and more,all from your fingertips.Elevate your entertainment experience and unlock a world of boundless possibilities with every tap on the Halo ring.