Collezione: The best smart ring fitness tracker

How are you feeling today? Amovan App is your wellness companion, empowering your wellness journey with 24/7 health tracking.

It offers valuable insights into your sleep, activity, and stress patterns, paving the way for proactive, continual health management around the clock.



Lightweight and practical, great value for money.
Advanced health features worn on the finger.



Dive into Your Sleep Pattern

The SMART RING tracks your sleep at night, displaying data on three stages of sleep: deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep, and gives you a sleep quality score.


Every heartbeat is accurately monitored

Heart rate variability reflects your heart health, cardiovascular ability, and stress resistance. The nighttime heart rate variability level can also predict your risk of sleep apnea syndrome.


Keep Fit with Activity Tracking

Whatever your favorite sport is - GPS tracking, indoor or outdoor activities, the SMART RING has it all. Simply wear the lightweight ring to view and record your sports data, including steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pace, and more.


Stress tracking, putting my mind at ease

The SMART RING understands your emotions and stress, providing a stress score by detecting heart rate variability. This helps you understand your inner self, proactively adjust your mindset, and better cope with life.


Blood oxygen monitoring, comfortable breathing.

Blood oxygen is one of the important indicators of human health. The SMART RING can accurately record your blood oxygen data.