A technological fingertip life companion--Amovan Nova ring

A technological fingertip life companion--Amovan Nova ring

Are there many friends who use smart bracelets now? I feel that the functions of today's smart bracelets are too complicated compared to the early days, so recently I started to try a new tool called smart rings (rings), which is this AMOVAN Nova Ring. As a new smart wearable category, smart rings, I After using Nova Ring, I feel that it has a high degree of completion and belongs to a new category of compact and practical wearables.

When I used it for the first time, I felt that the design of Nova Ring was very simple and had very natural and decent decorative attributes. Compared with devices such as smart bracelets and watches, it seemed more low-key. In addition, this smart ring does not require additional operations when using it. After it is turned on and paired with a mobile phone for the first time, various data can be recorded silently in the background.

Fashionable design, simple and natural

As a smart wearable device that is particularly easy to use, the packaging of AMOVAN Nova Ring is also very simple and compact. The box adopts a sky-and-ground box design. The brand name AMOVAN is marked on the center of the top cover, and the detailed information and specific technical details of the product are posted on the bottom. , and marked the size and color of the ring. I feel that this ring is also very stylish as a gift for a friend.

Because the ring is a special wearable device, and the size varies from person to person, Nova Ring provides up to 8 sizes to choose from. Before determining the model, we can measure it ourselves, or choose from the ring model provided by AMOVAN: Suitable size, I use size 9, it is more suitable to wear on the index finger.

In addition to the smart ring, the package of AMOVAN Nova Ring also includes a charging base and instructions. The design of the charging base is very convenient. It charges through the magnetic charging interface and the charging terminal on the inside of the ring. When using it for the first time, you only need to connect the ring to the charging port and then power on, and the ring will automatically turn on.

Nova Ring adopts a conventional ring-shaped design and is divided into inner and outer parts. The outer layer has a smooth surface like piano paint, while the inner layer is made of transparent material and has sensors installed. This smart ring is available in sizes as small as "Size 6" and as large as "Size 12", and can adapt to users of various body types.

There are a variety of sensors arranged side by side neatly inside the ring. In terms of details and workmanship, I think Nova Ring has done a good job. It is purely flat inside, and there are no protrusions in the sensors or charging interface. It is very comfortable after wearing it. No foreign body sensation after long-term use.

No sense to wear, automatic monitoring

After using it for a period of time, I found that although the Nova Ring has built-in sensors, batteries and other additional hardware compared to ordinary rings, its weight is well controlled. The outer frame is made of titanium alloy, and there is almost no feeling after wearing it. And it does not affect daily operations.

Most smart wearable devices, such as smart watches, bracelets, headphones, etc., need to be paired with mobile phones, and smart rings are no exception. Therefore, if you want to view various data recorded by the smart ring, you first need to connect it to the mobile APP. We can download the "AMOVAN" App from the mobile app store and pair the ring with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The entire pairing process is simple and smooth. After completing the pairing, we can view health data in the App, including heart rate, sleep and other records. Whenever the mobile app is connected to the ring, the data will be automatically synchronized without any additional operations.

Compared with smart bracelets, watches and other devices with similar functions, the compact form of smart rings will bring some advantages. Smart rings will have less impact on daily hand movements. For example, if you wear a lot of clothes in winter, it is easier for watches or bracelets to be worn. If you open the cuffs, the measurement will be inaccurate due to the weather. However, the ring does not have this problem and can be used normally even with gloves on.

In addition, compared with other types of wearable devices, the simple and fashionable appearance design of Nova Ring is very suitable for daily street or casual sports, and has very natural decorative properties. The current main function of this Nova Ring is health exercise monitoring, which can monitor data including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, sleep and stress values.

In daily use, as long as the ring is worn correctly, heart rate and heart rate variability data can be automatically monitored around the clock, and their curves over time can be viewed in the App, including trends in days, weeks, and months. In addition, like sleep, Nova Ring can of course automatically recognize and measure it, and draw a sleep quality report of the previous night the next day.

Nova Ring needs to be manually started to measure blood oxygen saturation and stress index. In addition, sports recording can also be turned on manually. It can record the trajectory of outdoor sports in conjunction with mobile phone positioning. Of course, Nova Ring can automatically track and record daily steps and exercise data around the clock.

Life partner, fitness partner

Currently, AMOVAN App supports measurement of 24 types of sports, including common aerobic sports such as running, walking, climbing, and cycling, as well as ball sports such as football and basketball. Compared with common smart bracelets, its functions are not as good as those of common smart bracelets. Shrink, for friends who need to record fitness data, smart rings like Nova Ring can completely replace common smart bracelets, and in actual sports, it can also provide a wider range of hand movement freedom;

In terms of battery life, after my use these days, the power consumption of Nova Ring when worn all day is basically below 20%, which means that it is no problem to charge it once a week, reaching or even exceeding the level of many smart bracelets. In addition, this ring also has a P68 level of waterproof capability. You don’t have to take it off after sweating or when washing your hands. It can be used normally even if it gets wet. It is very durable.

Taken together, AMOVAN Nova Ring, as a novel smart wearable device, has both the decorative nature of a "ring" and the practicality of a "health record." Especially because of its compact size, rich functions, and long battery life, it can replace traditional smart bracelets and play a data recording function in daily life and fitness.

After actual use, I feel that the Nova Ring is comfortable to wear, and I hope to maintain hand flexibility. It is also full of technology and is more decorative than a bracelet. It is not easy to fall off, and the accuracy of the measurement data is also very reliable. , well worth trying.


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